Vivactiv Ltd was founded by Dr Jacqueline Hall (BSc, PhD) out of a long-standing interest in diagnostic testing for health and wellness.

What we do

For individuals: Vivactiv provides bespoke scientific screening and consultation services including gut microbiome testing.

For organisations: Vivactiv provides consulting and expert advice on clinical and research infrastructure, large scale genomic sequencing, quality standards in diagnostics, and programme management and training.

Scientific Wellness Screening

Gut microbiome testing service with expert consultation

Vivactiv has partnered with MyBioma to offer detailed gut microbiome (gut flora) analysis combined with an expert consultation on the results:

  • • Microbiome diversity and health
  • • Information about your gut and immune response/immunity
  • • Healthy ageing and anti-ageing
  • • Information about vitamin, sugar, fat and protein metabolism
  • • Effects on liver, kidney, weight, diabetes and cardiovascular diseases
  • • Individual recommendations and tips
  • • State of the art testing method (next generation sequencing) for the most detailed results

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Vivactiv’s work on self-testing/consumer diagnostics, recent news article here.

Transparency of genetic testing services for ‘health, wellness and lifestyle’: analysis of online prepurchase information for UK consumers. J Hall et al, is published in the European Journal of Human Genetics, to see the article click here.

Our Mission

We imagine a future where individuals can engage actively with their health and better understand their bodies with the help of new technology and high-quality diagnostics.

We aim to make the science and technology accessible to individuals whilst enabling them to participate in accelerating scientific research for the benefit of future generations.


Vivactiv supports several organisations services including;

The International Cancer Genome Consortium (ICGC) a non-profit international collaboration of cancer genomics experts with the mission to improve cancer patient care with genomic sequencing of tumours:

The International Quality Network for Pathology (IQN Path ASBL) a non-profit organisation with the mission to improve diagnostic testing in pathology through External Quality Assessment/Proficiency Testing for clinical laboratories. Vivactiv helped found the organisation

Seven Bridges Genomics, UK, a platform for large scale, collaborative genomic and healthcare data analytics.

The European Society of Pathology (ESP)

UK National External Quality Assessment Service (UK NEQAS)

Jacqueline also holds an IBITGQ EU General Data Protection Practitioner certification, and is able to provide advice on GDPR compliance.

About us

Our mission: To support the development of infrastructure for clinical and health and wellness.

How we do this: We believe in high quality standards for diagnostic testing and making science accessible through education and training.

What makes us different: Our expertise span’s consumer diagnostics and clinical diagnostics. This positions us well to provide excellent support for the required infrastructure developments of future health and wellness care.

Vivactiv Ltd is registered in the UK.